How to Activate a SunTrust Card | Debit & Credit Card

If you had just obtained a new debit card or credit or SunTrust and are looking forward to SunTrust Card Activation steps, then read the following article to clear all your doubts regarding the conceived matter. For further advice, you can also visit their official website –

How to Activate a SunTrust Card?

If you’ve prepared an account at the company’s bank, you should probably know that you won’t be apt to use your debit or credit coupon straight after getting it. You must be availiable to complete the activation procedure so as as to gain access to your funds. Quite luckily, initiating your company’s voucher is a lot easier than you’d expect.

There are two directions of doing it, and you can utilize the method you find most suitable. It’ll only take a few seconds. But before we dwell into the facts of activating SunTrust your swipe, we will briefly examine the bank’s details, so you understand what type of experience to anticipate.

How to Activate a SunTrust Card
How to Activate a SunTrust Card

Brief History of SunTrust Bank and What to Expect is the official website that proposes company’s cardholders Initiate the company’s coupon to enjoy its services. In certainty, SunTrust Card’s Activation is the fundamental thing that you need to finish to relish its advantages as it’s one of the largest American bank holding firms. Its history in the nation’s finance sector goes back to 1891.  While bringing about a checking account with them is simple, the bank doesn’t send out credit cards. 

If you hope to get any of the firm’s credit swipes, in expansion to proving that you are a dweller of the U.S., you will also get expected to exhibit that you have annual earnings of at least $50,000.  Its credit cards are determined only for customers who possess decent credit score with a verified track record of giving how much they owed.

Cards SunTrust Bank Offers

If you develop a checking account with the firm’s bank, you can also obtain its debit coupon within seven days. The bank proposes three credit swipes: Travel Rewards Credit vouchers, Cash Rewards Credit Swipes, and Prime Rewards Credit swipe. The coupons offer excellent services, and looking into fetching your hands on one is worth it. You can also order a new debit card online.

It’s significant to note that in 2009, the firm switched its credit swipe network from Visa to MasterCard. The new cards got shut off, and many new cards got distributed. All this also suggests that consumers that enlisted with the bank after 2009 have only received MasterCard cards. However, if you retain a company’s debit coupon, you will be eligible to reimburse any merchant that approves MasterCard. Making investments online is scarcely a problem.

While being in possession of a credit swipe never asks you to make a stamp, you will either be required to make an impression or use a PIN to ratify the transaction if you possess a debit voucher. Most people typically use the last option. It’s also crucial to point out that regardless of if you have a SunTrust debit account or a credit coupon, it will need you to initiate it before you wield it. 

Retaining the firm’s activate my card is simple, and you can pursue the steps below to initiate your SunTrust debit card:

SunTrust Card Activation Requirements

Before leading the way to the firm’s credit swipe and debit coupon initiation, you need to have the following features in handy for the rest of the firm’s bank swipe activation procedure.

  • An online account with the company SunTrust Bank.
  • Company’s Online account ID and password.
  • Your swipe with its details
  • Your unique details

How to Activate SunTrust Debit Card

On the question of “how do I replace my SunTrust debit card,” the initial thing you should do is snatch a good look at your debit swipe. Rest is assured that your name is on the coupon and that it’s written correctly. Furthermore, make sure you look at the effective date to learn if it’s the perfect time to activate it. The reasonable date is generally in the month that you unlocked your account with the bank. After you’ve finalized the essential checking, you can choose between these two techniques of activation:

  • SunTrust Card Activation Online and 
  • SunTrust Card Activation over a phone call

Activation Over the Phone

Most consumers opt to initiate their SunTrust coupon over the phone cause it’s both quick and effective.

  • All we need to do to have SunTrust activate your swipe is phone them at their consumer support desk number –
  • 1-800-337-1140.
  • After phoning the number, you must select a language. Don’t miss this step.
  • Then, details are mandated. Generally, customers are asked to only state their name, date of birth, and complete home or office address.
  • Then dial in some facts to complete the activation procedure. Ensure you maintain the swipe ready since you will need to give out all 16 figures of the debit swipe number and the CVV to continue further. 

After you provide all the components correctly, the customer support agent will inform you that your swipe got activated.

Online Activation

While we could SunTrust activate the coupon online, we found the method slightly lengthy, so we chose to do it over the call. Still, if you find it more helpful, there’s no damage in activating your coupon over the ring.

  • Reach the firm’s main website, and provide your username and password. 
  • Subsequently logging in, they will implore you to provide your name and house or office dress, consequently, enter your date of birth.
  • After that won the next screen, you should enter your 16-digit company’s debit coupon number and CVV digits. After you select your voucher type, you must navigate to the “Card Activation” button.
  • And that’s the whole procedure; your debit card replacement fee will then get activated.
  • Post activating the coupon, make a purchase, or withdraw some money from an ATM to ensure it’s working correctly. If you encounter any issues, you can phone the same number and get them resolved.

Don’t forget to recall taking off the activation sticker from the swipe’s face after you finish the process.

How To Activate SunTrust Credit Card

Activating my credit card is also extremely simple. 

After you end up receiving your swipe, visit the company’s official website You will have to enter both private and coupon info, pots which will get activated.

If you have any issues or run into any difficulties, you can contact 1-800-SUNTRUST toll-free number around 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays to bid a resolution. If you unlocked your account further than a week ago and still haven’t obtained your coupon, be sure you call up the company SunTrust and report it directly. 

Alternatively, you can also visit the nearest SunTrust department and report your problem. If you have any extra questions, you are free to call the firm’s customer support team at the number 800.786.8787. The question of SunTrust activate my card will go on if the facts that got spilled above not get followed carefully. So make sure to correctly follow the whole procedure and then take action towards activation. 


We hope we were able to clarify any required queries regarding the SunTrust Card Activation number process. Rest assured that you can quickly initiate your SunTrust Credit/Debit swipe if you follow the above-given instructions carefully. If you still keep encountering any problems, then directly contact the organization and clear your issues at the face-off.

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