Capital One account Restricted – How to Fix (Guide) Updated (2021)

Have you ever pondered over the question as to “why my Capital One account restrctedi”? If yes, then sit around and relax as you are not alone; a percentage of people end up with a restricted account due to various reasons. The institution got recognized for being one of the most promising banks in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Diversity of Capital One

The organisation’s credit cards are some of the ample distinguished ones in these countries, with its network so vast that the credit card loans are about 47.3% of the aggregate loan amounts. Like many populations use Capital One card for loans, having it constrained can be very tricky. There perhaps are numerous reasons for getting your fund restricted by the company. This directory will provide you a complete guide on how to unrestrict your capital one account. Below are the reasons as to why your card might be restricted and what you can do to resolve it.

Capital One account Restricted - How to Fix (Guide)

Reasons for Restricted Account 

The probable reasons for having your account is currently restricted could be that you either

  • That it arose due to an error.
  • There’s a lot of overdue fees on your account.
  • An additional form of late payments.

If this has occurred to you, then the feasible strategy is to make sure you reach out to the corporation’s customer service for reclaiming your account. 

Additional Reasons

Reaching The Credit’s Limit

Like any particular bank, the respective organization nay will put out restrictions on a specific account if they observe the report doing something vague or strange. For instance, if you exceed the credit limit numerous times, they will continue to constrain it until you have reached the limit. They will also curtail the absolute credit limit automatically if you transcend it. 

Fraudulent Nature

Even if they don’t end up canceling the card, the company’s restrictions seem to be more of a hiatus of the card and can raise suspicion due to the withdrawal’s fraudulent nature. They also have the capacity to constrain it if they scrutinize fraudulent activity from the menu. If the transaction seems ambiguous while the payment got attempted, there can be a possibility of them blocking your credit card automatically, and the transaction can face cancellation. The corporation probably, on a speculative note, restricts accounts that attempt to bypass their dividend points system, whose aim is to keep away from monetary losses.

Purchase of suspicious items

Furthermore, they might attempt to halt your credit card account or restrict it when you purchase items you never bought before or when you render some substantial changes to your account. 

Exotic Location

Another skepticism can also arise when you buy things in another province that will give a dubious disposition, and they will authorize to restrict it. Even if you end up buying tons of items within a brief amount of time, it can make them limit your account.

How to Remove Restriction On Capital One Credit Card?

Reach Help Centre 

Rather than searching for “why is my Capital One account restricted” or “will capital one reopen a restricted account?” There is your account that got deferred in the first place.

When you contact their client service at the capital one agency, they will appoint you an issue manager for your problem. Your issue supervisor will contact you, and then you can recite about your crisis. He/she will try to resolve it as soon as possible with efficiency. It takes about one week or two for your capital one account to get unrestricted. So, it’s better to wait.

Clear Dues

If you come across any additional dues on your capital one credit card and it has been impeded so due to this reason, then you need to cover up your rights first before phoning them about your issue. 

Several such times, the rationale behind why the company’ account got halted is primarily due to possessing too much credit. The explanation here is to settle all your considerable debt to reopen the report. Mostly that happens; if not, then you might have to call them directly to resolve all your queries.

Suspicious Activity 

As we mentioned earlier, if any activity out of the ordinary appears on your credit card, they will stop it automatically. The company possesses a dedicated fraud department, and they assess everything to see what happened. The firm might even close the account to avoid issues.

As it got mentioned earlier, if any suspicious activity arises appears ordinarily on your credit card, they will halt it automatically. The company has a very headstrong fraud detecting department, and they analyze everything to see what happened and trace any fraudulent activity effectively. In truth, institution might even end up closing your account if it keeps happening to avoid issues.

Any Penalties Expected?

Thankfully, the company is never going to criticize you in any way whatsoever. Nonetheless, as far as your credit card account remains inactive, you won’t be able to access more cash from them. But you have the responsibility to reimburse the earlier debt, and you will be good to go. That’s one of the most critical aspects of this situation and has to be kept in mind.


As you have encapsulated and have finally found a solution as to why your Capital One account is restricted, there’s no actual need to fret. The most plausible mistake can be that you made some unprecedented changes to the statement or up exceeding the limit. We highly recommended that you contact the organization’s team, as they will be able to deliver you the assistance and aid you need. 

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