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Comerica Credit Card steps in to help students across the globe build their financial independence by learning about savings, finances, and the world of stock markets and many other monetary systems. This credit card got specially designed for college students to aid them with various perks and rewards. Therefore, read through this trajectory to understand the card so that you can make wise choices.

Comerica Credit Card

The Comerica credit card is simple and has beneficial rewards that mainly serves its customers with everyday use.

The token demands no annual fee and earns a decent flat rate of points with each purchase. It is an ideal card for students who are looking to increase their credit score and obtain rewards at the same time.

Perfect for Those Who

  • If you already have a bank account with the company or if your family uses the same bank for their purchases.
  • I prefer to have a six-month, zero percent APR cushion to buy books or dorm supplies.
  • Choose to earn a flat-rate 1.5X junctures over confusing reward structures.
  • I don’t prefer to pay an annual fee.

Excellent for College Students

As the name suggests, the College Real Rewards Card got build by keeping students in mind. And therefore, it directed towards this group who get most impressed with the rewards and bonuses it offers.

The whole point of student credit cards is constructing a positive credit history. In several ways, they are like secured cards, which also attempt to perform this task. Student cards, nonetheless, have unsecured versions of the prevailing credit coupon offers from banks.

The Difference

The significant difference with student credit cards is that they are accessible to those with a local credit history. In the case of regular cards, those with good credit scores, or those with no credit history at all, may struggle to find consent from the issuers. With college cards, that threshold got lessened, making these cards much more accessible for struggling students.

Earning Points

The Comerica Visa College Real Rewards Card attains 1.5X points on every net dollar paid. That points every per dollar rate is the exact as the regular Real Rewards Card. The 1.5X levels on every purchase place the card way ahead of the Discover It Chrome card, which mainly earns two percent cash back on gas and restaurants, but only one percent back on other purchases.

The Comerica student coupon also distinguishes favorably from the Wells Fargo Cash Back College Card. That card earns three percent cash back on patrol, grocery, and drugstore purchases, but that only takes place only for the first six months. Once that six-month initial period ends, the voucher only earns one percent cashback, which is way inferior to the 1.5X points one earns from Comerica.

Extra Points

While the 1.5X the voucher earns is a solid option, it doesn’t catch up to some other student choices, comprising the Discover It Cash Back for Students or the Chase Freedom Student Coupon. These cards earn five percent back in rotating classifications, with every other purchase gaining one percent cashback.

Restoring Points

Comerica bank credit card got distributed by the Elan Financial Services company, which is a leading company who card issued with over 1,700 different properties throughout the United States.

Points in the Elan Rewards Program pertain to the usual redemption choices from a rewards policy. Award choices for students comprise gift cards, merchandise, and travel savings. Travel savings are mainly applicable to bookings on airfare, hotels, rental cars, and many other similar options.

These points also apply to cashback rewards. However, these points are valid for five years.

Bonus Points Offer

The Comerica bank credit card appears with the exact 2,500 point bonus offer that seems with the card’s standard version. The students obtain 2,500 points when they make the initial purchase with a cash value of twenty-five dollars.

No Interest Charged for the First Initial Six Months

The company’s credit comes with a similar 0% intro APR for six months as the essential Real Rewards Card. The students enjoy zero-interest for the initial six months on balance transfers and purchases.

No interest in balance transfers presumably isn’t something that entices students, as several are new to this system. The zero-percent intro APR on purchases, nevertheless, is a great perk that provides actual value. Students can use the voucher to purchase books or anything else and have six months to pay down the balance.

Initial APR

Of course, the initial APR doesn’t imply students should max out their cards in the initial six months. The students must pay the balance off for fear of large interest payments, plus the possibility of default. Also, a ratio above thirty percent of the credit line can lessen the credit score. All this is the complete opposite of what a student slip got designed for.

Competitive Typical APR

Once the initial APR period ends, the standard APR with the token is competitive, but not that incredible. The rate reaches an entire percentage point below the average minimum for a student coupon, currently around 16.5%.

As spoken of earlier, the initial interest-free period on purchases is enticing. Still, as soon as that six-month period ends, the balance will accrue interest at around fifteen percent or even higher. Students need to pay balance every month and only consume what they can afford to pay back.

Perks and Benefits

Comerica Bank has several distinctive features and advantages that are worth a second look. We have listed down some benefits below. Occasionally the most considerable advantages are the ones most easily overlooked.

  • Comerica is the 40th biggest bank in the United States.

It is also the most prominent bank whose headquarters got placed in Texas. Why is this crucial in choosing a credit coupon? Being in the Top 50 banks provides nancial safety while not being to keep track of who their customers are. Anyone who has dealt with huge companies understands that personalized courtesy is a thing of the past. Comerica’s size is just good for feeling safe and getting the personalized interest you were hoping to get.

  • Starting APR Appreciated by Users.

People who have an entire credit history often find getting a good APR on a new card extremely challenging. While any judgment the bank makes about a credit voucher, the APR will get heavily influenced. The difference of one or two points imply the difference of hundreds of dollars in annual interest expenses.

  • Various Alternatives

Frequently a bank will have a voucher for you to apply. It may appear in several colors or logos, but they provide the token, and that’s where it ends. However, Comerica has six different cards you can refer to, in which each has its perks and rewards. Their Detroit Tigers voucher is ideal for Tigers fans whether that got positioned in the first place or last. All this encourages you to get the sound card that is best for your financial situation.

The College Card They Provide for Students is Awesome.


Comerica’s College Card lets you earn an unlimited number of points during your college days, and also gives you five years to repay those points after graduation. Banks sell you the notion of having a credit voucher as a means of understanding finances; however, their College Coupon lets you plan five years (if you are forbearing enough).

People who tour a lot for business or pleasure will get rewarded with an American Express Premier card. Explicitly adapted to award frequent travelers; also, you can rack up rewards points and get paid back for either Global Entry and TSA Pre Check-In payments. But it also has a great points policy for dining in restaurants.

Distinct Coupon For Heavy Travelers

Detroit Tigers credit card.

Being a genuine baseball fan means you will perpetually support your team, even if they win or lose. Tigers fans will cherish this coupon.

That is the Detroit Tigers Visa Platinum Card, and VISA is one of the globe’s most accepted token names.

You don’t have to wait in lines. You are also eligible to enter the place and win four reserved seats at games, with no necessary purchases.

  • Latest Security technology.

The EMV smart chip tech is attached on the card to offer you safety and It saves your time by going through various checkouts and also makes paying at the register more easy.

  • Can be used with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay

Mobile payments are rapidly becoming a regular part of in-store shopping. You also use these cell phone payment methods to provide yourself flexibility when using your card.

  • Around Six-Hundred Branches across the globe

There are also many financial services available in Canada and Mexico. So ven if you are located on the East or West Coast, there is a huge possibility that you will find service there to assist you.

The firm began operations around 169 years ago and is still operative.

Other Card Features

The Comerica credit card is a part of Visa Signature productions. And because of this, the coupon benefits from Visa-specific perks and protections. The students also benefit from it as they receive Visa’s Zero Fraud Liability protection and emergency coupon replacement.

These help them if they end up misplacing their token or suffer fraud on their account.

Students also get many travel perks, like Auto Rental Collison Damage Waiver for extra rental insurance, plus Visa Roadside Dispatch.

Although the rental insurance is only valid for those above the age of twenty-three, Roadside Dispatch proposes offers assistance if it breaks down on the side of the road.


The Comerica Credit Card is a solid but unremarkable student card. It’s a card that will entice those who already have a bank account with the company. As for everyone else, however, there may be better offers elsewhere. But in all aspects, it indeed is a worthy addition for college students.

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