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Today we will talk about the Harris Teeter credit card REWARDS World MasterCard and its benefits like gifts, points, and rewards, consequently with this excellent credit card, you can amass money, acknowledge savings, and beneficially save money, therefore all that is needed for you to do is pertain to this card instantly and start to earn cash directly. There are many benefits to the organization’s swipe. If you yearn to learn more facts about the card sign up all you need to do is to phone the interested firm customer services.

A Sneak Peek

The Harris Teeter REWARDS World Mastercard delivers enthusiasts across the South Atlantic states the opportunity to earn remarkable rewards with each bargain. Therefore the cardholders reap triple notches on Harris Teeter, and Kroger owns brands commodities, double points for investments at the firm’s supermarkets, different Kroger companies (with the anomaly of fuel purchases), and solitary moments on everything else. Junctures are pertinent to a variety of rewards, comprising free groceries.

Harris Teeter Credit Card

Perfect for Those Who

  • Continually mart at the given organization or any other firm in the Kroger class of brands
  • Subsequently expect to earn junctures towards complimentary groceries and outstanding gas discounts
  • I don’t prefer to settle with an annual fee
  • I like an easy to earn $30 affidavit credit

Mastercard Feedback

The Harris Teeter Mastercard from U.S. Trust authorizes cardholders to make investments anywhere across the globe, subsequently this mastercard is ratified and awards them for everyday bargains with dividends credits favorable towards future investments at the company at a similar time.

The company’s swipe earns three junctures for every capable dollar expended with the organization’s brand commodities; 

two points per competent dollar paid at the company (eliminating fuel purchases); a solitary point for every additional dollar spent on bargains elsewhere.

The firm is a delighted member of the Kroger group of firms, connotation that this swipe isn’t just valuable in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, but everywhere else in the nation. The Kroger group of companies comprises such names as Fred Meyer, Fry’s, Ralph’s, and further, with sites spanning the country,  cardholders can amass not only at the firm but also at any Kroger brand as well.

The potential to earn points towards unrestricted company’s swipe (or could be any other Kroger brand, for that purpose) groceries is a considerable perk with this coupon and one that is going to motivate a few new customers.

The incapacity to earn points on gas card purchases, nevertheless, is a big drawback. For example, other Kroger card, the Fred Meyer Rewards World MasterCard, allow the customers to use junctures for gas conservation; the incapacity to do so with the firm’s card is surprisingly disappointing.

Points in the swipe’s program are immediately turned into dividends as soon as you attain a minimum limit. Once you amass 1,000 points, the company will automatically deliver a $10 bonus. Therefore, this makes maintenance track of your points non-problematic as your dividends are instantly made accessible without any action.

Harris Teeter REWARDS Card Quick Facts

Bonus Available – Get 5% cashback on competent net purchases at the firm’s Stores during the initial ninety days after account commencement, up to $2,500 in net bargains.
Foreign Transaction Fees – None
Ongoing Rewards/Benefits – You get three points per $1 spent on the company’s brand products.
You get Two points per $1 paid on all other company’s store purchases.
You get one point for every $1 expended on all other purchases.
Annual Fee – $0

Harris Teeter REWARDS Card 5% Cash Back Bonus Offer

Take benefit of the given company’s card’s introductory offer: 5% cashback on competent net investments, up to $2,500 in net bargains, at the firm’s Stores around the initial 90 days of account slot. Subsequently, that goes up to $125 (5% of $2,500) cashback in statement values’ structure to your bank account. To be eligible, charge your first investment to your coupon. Accordingly there’s no need to worry about the spending amount or duration limit.

Amassing The Company’s Service Points

Attain between 1 to 3 points for every buck you spend on desirable purchases earned with your company’s credit swipe:

  • 3x points on all qualified purchases of the company’s brand products
  • Subsequent 2x points on all eligible purchases inside the company’s stores (omitting fuel centers)
  • Following 1x points on all bargains outside the company’s stores

There’s no threshold to how many junctures you can earn.

Redeeming Harris Teeter REWARDS

For every 1,000 dividend points you cash in, you obtain a $10 check. As such, each brand’s point gets priced at $0.01. That’s on par with the enterprise average.

Reward bills get cut no less often than four times annually, generally when you’ve amassed the minimum saving of 1,000 reward junctures. You can utilize your reward checks in the firm’s stores to purchase groceries and other products.

Therefore if you haven’t earned sufficiently to redeem, your junctures will stay in your bank account for up to 36 months.

MasterCard Points

At every Harris Teeter REWARDS World Mastercard expenditures, you will earn junctures. For every one thousand points, you are eligible to earn $10 available grocery shopping relief.

On your every sole net one dollar spending, you receive consequent one point.

On each net one dollar shopping at the firm’s stores (omitting fuel), you will reap two points.

While purchasing the company’s original integrity brands, you will earn three points for one dollar capable of net expenditures.

Editor’s Scores
Type of Card Editor Score Overall Score
General 175 200
No Annual 168 166
Rewards 201 189

MasterCard Advantages

  • You can receive up to 30$ statement credit with the given brand’s coupon! You can apply now, get your coupon and realize your first shopping experience with your credit card and snatch the $30 statement credit directly!
  • There are no single-year fees on the company’s credit card. Use your swipe for free forever!
  • Therefore you will obtain free groceries by employing the firm’s credit card invariably.
  • And other benefits during you use your swipe life-time!

Is the card ideal for you?

Across-the-board, the Harris Teeter Mastercard is a credible commercial card from Kroger and the U.S. Bank. The potential to earn dual or triple points with the company (and other Kroger firms) is nothing to sneer at, even if the scarcity of points for power purchases is disappointing. Extraordinary for those pursuing fuel savings in expansion to earning junctures at their precious Kroger supermarket, there are many other functional options, encompassing many other cards, which propose excellent fuel savings.


The Harris Teeter REWARDS World MasterCard is only a decent fit if you frequently buy at the supermarket chain. If not, then consider a non-branded dividends card that better contests your spending patterns. We hope this article was able to equip you with all the necessary information that you needed. In the end, the choice of choosing the most suitable card relies upon you if you manage to calculate your needs carefully.

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