Marvel Mastercard | Credit Card -Review (2021)

Comics and superhero enthusiasts alike will swoon upon knowing that there’s a credit card rendered just for their passion for all their superheroic stuff, therefore you’re somebody who expends a hefty chunk of fortune throughout the year to acquire Marvel-themed property and go to niches with superhero themes. In that case, the Marvel MasterCard could give you a good discount on maintaining your passion.

The Marvel Mastercard Review

The MasterCard amasses up to 3% cash back like on dining and recreation, which get defined as film theaters, video rentals and game marts, theatrical and performance promoters, amusement parks, digital recreation, music, games and software, publicationns and newsstands, toys, and hobby shops. You’ll also receive three percent back at firm’s online and custom purchases. All other spending earns one percent.

That all other spending rate is the fundamental rationale that the Marvel MasterCard falls steady. Even if you expend most of your disposable earnings on firm’s-related merchandise, then the Marvel synchrony MasterCard is adequately used as a sidekick to a more influential earner on all of the additional purchases you’re most likely to make.

When it gets to your everyday necessities like groceries, petrol, trips, commuting, etc., you can do satisfactorily by leaps and bounds with another card.

But if your craving to possess a Marvel credit card is as powerful as Iron Man’s armor, combining credit cards to increase your earnings can be a blooming strategy that will give you bold rewards on all of your additional expenditures.

Marvel Mastercard | Credit Card -
marvel mastercard

At a Glance

  • Annual fees: $0
  • Welcome extra points: twenty-five dollar Statement credit after your initial purchase with your recent Marvel MasterCard you receive three percent cash back on dining, recreation,, and authorized firm’s convention booths, one percent on everything else.
  • Ten percent discount on
  • Twenty percent discount will be available on receipts for the fandom Universe show in Las Vegas.

Amassing Rewards

The MarvelMasterCard receives cash back at the following rates:

  • Receive three percent of cash back on dining, recreation online at and company’s authorized merchandise cells.
  • Also, receive one percent of cashback on all additional purchases.

Redeeming Rewards

Your cashback revenue’s approval odds will automatically be added up at the end of each billing rotation and get credited as a declaration within two billing rotations. There are no other alternatives for salvation.

Rewards Potential

To compute the given voucher’s rewards capacity, Forbes Advisor employs data from numerous government agencies in the injunction to deduce both baseline income and expending averages across several categories. The 70th percentile of salary earning households brings in $100,172 yearly and has $52,820 in norm expenses. Inferring 50% of such costs are indicted to this card, total yearly card expending would be $26,410.

We measure our average households expends approximately $4,406 on eating out and $4,553 on leisure (including various streaming services), which would net a whole of $269 cashback with this swipe.

The continuing $17,451 in spending would receive $175 cashback for a cumulative annual yield of $443 as statement acclaim. All this in expansion to the welcome extra: dollar twenty-five credit.

Other Card Benefits

  • Free Shipping Perks: During prime times of the year, get available shipping on commodities from
  • Special Discounts: Receive a rebate on Company Unlimited or Company digital superhero comics.
  • Ten Percent Discount: Merchandise investments at the Universe Avengers station show will get ten percent off.

Fine Print

Interest Rates
APR: 14.99% – 24.99% Variable APR on bargains and proportion transfers.
APR on Monetary Advances: 29.99%
Free Trial Period: At least 23 days


Annual Fee: $0
Foreign Transaction Fee: 3% of each transaction
Proportion Transfer Fees: N/A
Cash Advance Fee: Either $10 or 5% of the amount of each transaction, whichever is greater
Overdue Penalty: Up to $39
Refunded Payment: N/A 

How The Card Stacks Up

Marvel MasterCard vs. Citi Double Cash Card

If you yearn to earn substantial prizes on all of your credit card spending, not just this universe relevant ones, consider a swipe that makes the exact elevated rate of your expending, in alikeness to the Citi Double Cash Card.

With no yearly fee, the card receives a net two percent on all bargains, 1% when you earn a purchase, and another one percent when you reimburse the bill.

You can seize your earnings as consecutive cashback as a security to a qualified checking account, as an affidavit credit, or used to obtain things like travel or gift swipes.

Marvel Master Card vs. SavorOne Rewards from Capital One

Someone pursuing rewards in a broader swath of recreation spending along with an upgrade on grocery expending might uncover that the Capital One SavorOne Cash Perks card cards will suit the bill.

The non-yearly fee swipe earns three percent cash back on things like dining and leisure, including skilled and semi-skilled live sporting tournaments, sightseer attractions, aquariums, various zoos, dance aisles, record shops, pool foyers, or bowling alleys, etc. 

But none of which get comprised in the given fandom swipe.

The SavorOne also receives 2% cashback on grocery bargains (omitting purchases at supermarts like Target and Walmart) and 1% on all additional spending.


One percent cash back on anything else: Cardholders will reap 1% cashback for all capable everyday purchases, thus purchasing a pack of gum, replenishing your gas tank at the pump, taking up groceries for the week, or buying pet food will earn endless cashback.

Cashback is reimbursed as a statement credit, pertained to your bank account within two billing rotations.

  • Movie Theatres (tickets and refreshments)
  • Digital entertainment
  • Video rental and game rental stores
  • Theatrical and concert promoters
  • Games and software
  • Amusement parks (comprises zoos, carnivals, and aquariums)
  • Music
  • Comics shops
  • Books and newsstands (like E-books)
  • Toys and hobby shops (omits sporting goods retailers)

As you can discern, there are numerous accessible opportunities to amass cashback from purchases that plummet under the umbrella of ‘entertainment.’

Marvel Master Card vs. Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card

Although it doesn’t propose elevated earnings on leisure at all, the Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card does propose three Go Far Rewards junctures per dollar on just about anything else.

The swipe carries a yearly fee of $0. It earns three points per dollar on eating out, ordering in, petrol stations, rideshares, flights, hotels, transit, homestays and automobile rentals, and prominent streaming platforms.

All other spending attains one point per dollar expended consequently, all this may generate more income overall for you, relying on your particular spending habits.

Is The Card For Ideal You?

The Marvel MasterCard isn’t fit for a prominent role in your pocket. Other swipes will offer better bonuses in areas where you’re apt to spend the most therefore on’t let the voucher images fool you into guessing the firm’s card is an exceptional choice. Protect yourself from making a blunder and select a coupon that will expand more to your bottom line.

Marvel Credit Card Review in a Glance

When choosing between the Marvel MasterCard and identical entertainment voucher offers, customers should consider: 

  • Whether they want to settle with a yearly fee and how big an annual fee they’re inclined to pay, therefore therefore it can be an excellent idea to select a card with a yearly fee when the dividends, particularly the preliminary bonuses, are lucrative enough.
  • Whether they expect discounts on fandom commodities, if you know you’ll be expending lots of money on fandom merchandise, this voucher will undoubtedly help to conserve money grateful to its exclusive discounts. If you don’t intend to expand to your collection, a different leisure card may be a decent fit for you.
  • How big of a preliminary bonus they would prefer however several cards offer different elementary bonuses, and it is crucial to carefully contemplate what you want to accomplish with the credit cards you pertain to.
  • With the agreement planning, an elemental bonus can certainly boost cardholders to reach their financial objectives.
  • Whether they want a preliminary APR period, this is extremely useful for folks who intend to make a huge purchase or haul existing debt to their new coupon. (An elementary APR is not accessible with the fandom voucher, although it is an alternative with other recreation cards.)

It’s Ideal for Those Who

When choosing between the Marvel MasterCard and identical entertainment voucher offers, customers should consider: 

  • Are buffs of comic books and Marvel films & TV series.
  • I would love to use a credit card that reaps cashback rewards from daily purchases.
  • They want to boost their beloved universe superhero on the front of their coupon.
  • Want to take benefit of discounts on fanatics products that they already repeatedly shop for themselves.

Customize Your Card

Many fanatics choose to array as their favorite comic superheroes at film conventions and movie premieres – but wearing apparel isn’t always a practical means to show how much you adore Marvel.

Fortunately, the fandom coupon is uniquely customizable; the cardholders can select six iconic universe coupon layouts, including Black Panther, The Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, and Spiderman, to boast their devotion for the superhero universe.

All this is a perfect chance to stand out from the crowd with a groovy voucher design that ensures to get flatters every time you swipe it.


In a nutshell, you can infer from this article that The Marvel MasterCard still delivers a great way to earn bonuses. And unlike Deadpool, you won’t be required to spend “maximum effort.”

This swipe makes it easy to receive cashback bonuses from spending your budgets on the things you adore most, and that is the Marvel universe, film tickets, entertainment, and eating out. Exclusive discounts available for Marvel products solely sweeten the deal. 

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