HDcctv Specifications

HDcctv DT 2.0 and HDCVI 2.0 are Current

HDcctv equipment is just as reliable, as convenient, and as cost-effective as sub-HD CCTV equipment. As a result, the mainstream security market has migrated to HD surveillance. 

The HDcctv Alliance manages interface standards, which enable competition in the largest possible total market. Global adherence to the standards creates efficiencies throughout the industry, from SKU conservation for warehouses to R&D amortization for semiconductor manufacturers. These efficiencies in turn create tangible benefits for end customers, who enjoy 100% multi-vendor Plug 'n' Play (PnP) highest-fidelity HD surveillance that is just as reliable, convenient and affordable as PAL and NTSC.

Simply match the Genuine HDcctvTM compliance mark on either end of a cable to be sure of an immediately successful signal connection every time. A 2.0-compliant camera paired with a 2.0-compliant DVR automatically establish an HD surveillance link, along with up-the-cable remote control, once connected & powered. No intervention is required, and the 2.0 DVR is able remotely to control the camera by emulating back-panel button presses from the comfort of the control room or by a 3rd-party protocol such as Pelco-D.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HDCVI 2.0?

  • HDCVI 2.0 (Analogue Transmission) is a refinement of Dahua's HDCVI technology that ensures 100% multi-vendor Plug 'n' Play up-the-cable remote control.

Why does the HDcctv Alliance scope extend beyond HD-SDI?

  • The Alliance originally worked with HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface) technology to the needs of surveillance.
  • The physical differences between broadcast studios and secured buildings provide incentive to develop enhanced capabilities.
  • The Alliance is pursuing two roadmaps in parallel to deliver standards with those enhanced capabilities.
  • These two roadmaps are based on technologies which address overlapping but distinct sets of end-market requirements.
  • It is common practice for a standards organization to manage more than one standard roadmap, thereby accommodating more than one technology.

What is the best HD surveillance local-site transport solution?

  • There is no one best local-site transport solution.
  • The Alliance expects installers and integrators to choose Ethernet for highest resolutions, DT 2.0 for highest fidelity, and HDCVI 2.0 for greatest resilience.

What is HDcctv DT 2.0?

  • HDcctv DT 2.0 (“Digital Transmission”) is based on HD-SDI and includes 100% multi-vendor Plug 'n' Play up-the-cable remote control.

Is HDcctv DT convenient? (Does it work over coax?)

  • Yes. DT works over most security infrastructures.
  • DT is far more convenient than Ethernet.

Is HDcctv DT 2.0 cost effective?

  • Yes. The various specialized HD local-site transmission solutions cost about the same to produce at comparable volumes.

Does HDcctv DT 2.0 offer superior performance to the alternatives (within its operational range)?

  • Yes.  Live-view fidelity of DT / HD-SDI is better than every other known alternative, hands down.

How is DT 2.0 different from HDcctv 1.0 and HD-SDI?

  • DT 2.0 adds PnP up-the-cable remote control to the HDcctv 1.0 capability set.
  • For example, DT 2.0-compliant camera is controlled by a DT 2.0-compliant DVR immediately when they are connected and powered up, without any extra control cables and without any technician intervention to establish the remote-control link.
  • DT 2.0 uses the exact same PHY for video as HDcctv 1.0. DT 2.0 equipment is assuredly interoperable with HDcctv 1.0-compliant equipment and is usually interoperable with generic HD-SDI equipment

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