Stein Mart Credit Card | Master Card – Review (2021)

The Stein Mart Platinum MasterCard comes across as a specifically designed card to reward avid Stein Mart Credit Card enthusiasts. It offers discounts and bonuses to customers, with no annual fee.

A Brief History

Stein Mart 

The company offer various fashion merchandise, assistance, and presentation of a competent department at rates robust with off-price retail chains. With around 278 sites from California to Massachusetts, the company focuses proveides both the current seasons or moderate to promising fashion wardrobe for both men and women, as well as numerous accessories, shoes, and home decors. You can find further information about Stein Mart’s credit card payment at their official website.

Stein Mart Credit Card

Synchrony Financial 

Synchrony Financial is one of the world’s most premier consumer financial service providing companies. This goes to 1932, and currently, they are now the biggest provider of personal label credit cards in the United States, which got based on asset volume and receivables.

They provide a spectrum of products in collaboration with with various national dealers, manufacturers, and healthcare providers to help produce growth for our members and offer several customers financial flexibility. 


Spread across the world from over 350,000 sites across the United States and Canada. Their websites and mobile apps offer their customers various credit commodities to endow the purchase of goods and services.

Synchrony Financial (formerly known as GE Capital Retail Finance) daelivers private label and co-branded Dual Cards products and provides:

  • Promotional financing and loyalty programs.
  • Installment lending.
  • FDIC-insured savings stocks the Synchrony Bank.

You can also find additional information through their various social platforms –, 

Perfect for Those Who

  • Frequently shop at the stores of the given organisation and like special discounts and bonuses for shopping with the dealer.
  • If you don’t care for a higher APR because they intend to pay their balance in full to prevent interest charges
  • Want a personal company’s SMart Cash bonus just for beginning an account.
  • Want the capacity to upgrade to an Elite card, with twofold rewards that come with the Platinum MasterCard.

What’s so special about Synchrony Financial and Stein Mart? 

  • Synchrony Financial 

Synchrony Financial is an exclusive consumer financial services corporation with eighty years of retail origin and a national fashion merchandiser. The firm currently announced a long-term expansion of company’s co-branded MasterCard and a special label credit card or strategy agreement.

Both Synchrony Financial and Stein Mart have collaborated to propose credit card programs with a commercial chain consisting of 278 stocks. However, buyers can access the firm’s Style Credit Coupon or the firm’s Style Platinum Master Coupon online.

  • Stein Mart

Stein Mart credit card shops deliver prominent brand fashion for women and men at rates up to 60 percent below office store prices every day. It is also present in an impressive department store with a very ambient environment.

Cardholders also get to various Exclusive Extra Savings events, and because of that, they can fetch 10%, at least ten times a year. Also, they receive advance email announcements of sales exhibitions, savings during their upcoming birthday month etc. Moreover, the Stein Mart Style MasterCard holders can use the Card anywhere MasterCard gets accepted concerning the firm’s  stores.

  • Terms and Conditions.

Synchrony Bank administers the Stein Mart Style Platinum MasterCard under MasterCard International Incorporated’s authorization. Additionally, MasterCard is an authorized trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.

Purchases get constantly subjected to credit endorsement, but a few exclusions apply. The discounts omit the purchase of the firm’s gift cards and the company’s virtual gift cards.

Points to Remember about Stein Mart 

If you’re devoted to the company’s services and can spend over 500 bucks annually, then the bonuses and retail safety on this Card can easily fit your style. Here’s are five things to know about it:

The rewards rate starts low

There are several features of this Card, like one in the in-store version of the firm’s Platinum MasterCard and the other in an Elite version of both editions. The firm’s Platinum MasterCard masses:

  • One point per one dollar spent in-store and online at the firm.
  • One juncture per one dollar finished everywhere else.

Points are worth one cent individually. When you surpass 1,000 points, you acquire a ten-dollar rewards certificate. The period of receiving the perks depends on your spending methods. The steinmart bill pay only requires annual fees and no additional prices for application, which is an extremely beneficial trait when considering options between various vouchers.

Many perks follow in integrate fashion whenever you use the given Card, like a modest flat-rate cashback credit coupon provides higher integrity, plus the flexibility of repaying your rewards for cashback whenever you want, in however way you would like to spend.

The firm’s Platinum MasterCard does contribute some incentives for fresh cardholders. You’ll receive a ten-dollar reward certificate with a new coupon in the mail, and you can also receive ten percent off your first online purchase.

Elite rewards

You get the privilege to automatically get enrolled in the Stein Mart Elite Rewards Project when you utilize the firm’s Platinum MasterCard to make five hundred dollars or further purchases at the shops (be it online or in-store) in a calendar year.

When you receive Elite status, it boosts the corporation’s Platinum MasterCard to the firm’s Elite Platinum MasterCard, which in return gives your many more benefits. You’ll then earn:

  • Two rewards points per one dollar spent in-store and online at the organization’s stores. You proceed, earning one reward point per one dollar spent anywhere else.
  • Free shipping gets provided when you create an account on the company’s official website at and sign up for online account administration with a similar email address. Moreover, you can access the Stein Mart credit card login anytime, anywhere.
  • Priority customer service.
  • Exclusive Elite sales days.

Elite Status 

You retain Elite status the moment it’s received, and this continues for the following year. You’ll have to proceed with meeting the spending limit within a calendar year to maintain the status.

The Elite version’s earning outcomes at the company are pretty decent, but you can do much better with many other rewards credit cards. Deem, for example; the Citi Double Cash Card offers an 18 month BT offer. Also, it provides a two percent cash back on all mandatory spending — one percent when you render a purchase and one percent when you compensate it off. Moreover, you don’t have to fulfill any spending requirements.

Redemption is Sluggish and Rigid

You’ll encounter an unwieldy redemption system littered with impediments. For beginners, you can’t repay rewards immediately; instead, you earn numerous reward certificates, which appear in the mail after one or two billing intervals.

And while you can still use these receipts toward purchases authorized by the company’s Platinum MasterCard at various company’s locations.

Still, you cannot employ them online, nor can you repay them for cash or involve them in any prior purchases as payment for your bank account. (You can, nonetheless, integrate reward certificates with vouchers or various promotional offers in-store.)

You’ll also be limited to a hundred dollars in certificates per billing interval. If you’ve received more than that, it will get transmitted over to the following billing interval.

Reward certificates are viable only for three months, so use you can use them or lose them. Also, if you restore a reward certificate for a purchase that’s smaller than the value of the certificate, you lose the remaining surplus.

Don’t Keep up a Balance on this Card

Store-branded credit coupons are notorious for having high-interest rates, and the corporation’s Platinum MasterCard is no exception to this. The nonstop APR is 28.99% Variable, and that is multiple percentage points bigger than the average rate on multiple credit voucher accounts that incur interest.

The firm’s Platinum MasterCard also doesn’t provide a preliminary interest-free period, so you won’t be able to get any breathing room to underwrite your purchases.

You don’t need to worry about interest if you compensate your bill in whole every month. But if you hold a balance, the increased APR can become a costly limitation that eats away at the integrity of rewards.

Helpful services

Any purchases made with the MasterCard come with many benefits that can assist when you’re in a bind. Here’s what the voucher offers:

  • Identity theft resolution services: If you’re a sufferer of identity theft, this service delivers assistance in managing your account.
  • MasterCard Global Service: This provides twenty-four-hour emergency assistance if your Card is lost or stolen.
  • MasterCard Airport Concierge: You can also receive fifteen percent off on airport meet and greet services. Salespeople are available at over 700 locations nationwide wide to help escort you through the airport.


We hope we were able to elucidate all your doubts regarding the Stein Mart credit card and the perks associated with it. The Card is usually ideal for those who are avid fans of the organization and prefer to engage with its various products and services. The perks and bonuses are indeed eye candy for those who prefer extravagance and love to shop to their heart’s content.

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